‘Transport of Yesteryear’ show on board the sailing barge’Victor’

A photo taken at Saturday night's show by audience member Mary Dickinson.

A photo taken at Saturday night’s show by audience member Mary Dickinson.

We had a splendid weekend on board the Sailing Barge Victor, moored in Ipswich.

Both our ‘Transport of Yesteryear’ shows were sold out and the audiences were great fun,plenty of heckling and good humoured banter.

We also received some lovely feedback. (unsolicited of course!)

‘We’ve had a charming and delightful Saturday evening on the sailing barge, Victor (built in Ipswich in 1895) watching the Pepper’s Ghost Victorian Magic Lantern Show at Ipswich Waterfront. Songs and music, poetry and prose, transport history and plenty of laughs all accompanied the display of Victorian photographs and original glass slides, beautifully hand-painted….
Bravo Charlotte Oliver, Richard Spong, Rene and Allen Marriott for a wonderful show.’
‘It was a very enjoyable evening, wonderful to see all those old slides especially to remind ourselves of part of our seafaring history. I love the idea that we were viewing them in almost the same way as when they were first produced. Well done to these four people you have put together a very special show and I look forward to seeing some more, hopefully.’
‘It was a lovely evening enjoyed by us all. My hope is you enjoyed it as much as we did!’

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